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Miss Perry is one of New York’s new breed of farmers. Her vision is to create a thriving agricultural operation in upstate New York focused on growing USDA organic hemp for use in skincare products, homeopathic health remedies, as well as greenhouse grown craft CBD and CBG premium hemp flower. She has staked her claim in the new frontier of the exploding cannabis industry and become one of the pioneers.

New York is one of the top ten agricultural states in the United States. Maria recognized that the enthusiastic support provided by the state of New York would result in it becoming a leader in hemp production and CBD product development. The research she conducted indicated that this is a burgeoning industry with a great deal of potential for growth. She’s not only excited about the opportunity to be a part of this initiative but has ambitions to become one of New York’s leading proponents of sustainable hemp cultivation.

Maria was fortunate to have the opportunity to live with her grandparents on the farm during a portion of her childhood. Maria enjoyed spending time on the farm with her grandparents, seeing the love and hard work they put into everything they did. She put down deep roots while working alongside her grandfather in the fields and accompanying him on his daily chores. This is why she has a special relationship with her family’s land and feels so strongly about farming.

When New York State legalized the cultivation of hemp, Maria immediately recognized the benefits CBD would contribute to providing people with products made from organic, natural components. Based on her rich tradition of farming, she decided to return to her agricultural roots, but with a twist. Maria evolved to the new wave of farming, the cultivating of hemp. She felt this would be a way to keep the family’s legacy of farming alive for generations to come.

Maria is the whole package. Successful at any venture she engages in due to her emotional intelligence and experience, helping her business and her family prosper and grow, and a diligent mother with an understanding of how important the right environment is for creating happiness. These same characteristics have contributed to her success in growing and marketing hemp crops.

“Committed to the Culture”

“Committed to the Culture”

Miss Perry Farms is a women-owned, family-operated hemp farm. Our values dictate what we do and how we operate. Our key values are:

Miss Perry Farms is a women-owned, family-operated hemp farm. Our values dictate what we do and how we operate. Our key values are:

is devoted to sustainable farming

The family has been farming for over 100 years and plans to be farming 100 years from now. To do this, one needs to have a deep respect for the land and the products it produces. Using substances such as chemical salts, synthetic fertilizers, and in-organic pesticides is a short-term strategy that is in direct opposition to this philosophy and has no place on Miss Perry Farms. Instead, the farm uses a USDA certified organic land and cultivation process and non-GMO seeds, and is one of only a few hemp operations in the country that is fully USDA Certified.

The USDA’s official policy is that… “for hemp produced in the United States, only industrial hemp, produced in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill, as articulated in the Statement of Principles on Industrial Hemp issued on August 12, 2016, by USDA, may be certified as organic, if produced in accordance with the USDA organic regulations.”

When choosing products, whether they are hemp-related, food, cosmetics, or homeopathic medications, default to “USDA Certified” whenever possible to ensure you are getting the best quality, produced in a sustainable manner.

5 generations of family farming

The history of the Perry Family in the United States began with Charles, Miss Perry’s Great Grandfather, an immigrant from Italy. Charles Perri immigrated to the United States in 1907 with four sons and a daughter. He established the family farm, named “Old Farmstead” in Steuben, NY

For many years Old Farmstead was a family operation that included the children and grandchildren. Miss Perry’s grandfather, Paul Perry, was the youngest son. Paul and his wife Patricia raised two sons and four daughters, who were the parents of 13 female grandchildren. Maria is the daughter of Elizabeth, Paul’s youngest daughter.

The Perry family has been farming for five generations spanning over 100 years. In addition to farming crops, they raised dairy and beef cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Crops they have cultivated include corn, hay, sorghum, and oats.

Maria’s grandparents Paul and Patricia built a home on a piece of the property near the Old Farmstead in the late 1950s. Paul built a large barn, raised pigs, and cultivated several acres of crops including corn, pumpkins, and hay. You can see the original barn in the Miss Perry Farms logo.

Maria has become the latest Perry family member to return to her roots and begin farming.When hemp became a viable crop due to its use in CBD products in addition to its industrial applications, Maria became interested and dove headfirst into some intense research. Based on her findings and other factors favoring hemp production in the state of New York, to bring a part of the old land back to life, Maria began cultivating hemp. She harvested her first crop in 2019. Maria has plans to expand the farm and increase production in the upcoming years.

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Consistency and integrity is our mission, all of our licensed hemp is USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC and THIRD-PARTY LAB TESTED.